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Tell It To The Marines

After reviewing Cambridge quartet, Tell It To The Marines’ single, I was more than happy to have a listen to the EP that had spawned it.

While I wasn’t overly effusive in my praise of their single, I was still excited to give the EP a listen.

While the press sticker accompanying the single had described their sound as “Ambient post pop-punk” they have now simply gone to “atmospheric pop”, a label that actually very accurately describes their sound. So let’s once again push semantics to one side and move on to more important matters.

‘This is very English music’, was one of the first thoughts that popped into my head. At first I thought it was just the pronounced accents that the vocalists possess, but then I remembered that when listening to their single I had compared them to My Awesome Compilation and Fightstar. Those comparisons still ring true, but more than anything, TITTM have channelled some Tellison in there as well. And I think it’s a great thing that there is a developing English musical movement that isn’t a copycat of a pre-existing American one, but in fact something unique and idiosyncratic to our country.

The Bridges EP is a very good EP. The sound is mature and coherent, and the songs show strong evidence of actual thought and serious effort having gone into make them sound unique. TITTM haven’t been different for the sake of it, they have done it because it suits them and they are good at it.

806 is a good example of TITTMs sound. Clever little touches in the guitar work and passionate vocals (nice to see a band who realise that you can be passionate and loud without resorting to screaming) combine with the ‘atmospheric’ soundscape in the background to create a soaring chorus. It’s very, very clever stuff, and it sounds pretty damn good too. Best song on the EP however has to be My New Best Friend, a multi-faceted rock song, with another anthemic chorus, but preceded by jittery, stop-start chords and some impressive lyrics.

The fact a young band can put out an EP this good has to be good for the UK music scene and music in general. TITTM should continue to hone their unique voice because it is a beautiful noise compared to some of the shite that gets recognition nowadays. Watch out for them this year, they could be huge.

Listen: www.myspace.com/tellittothemarines