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Leicester, Firebug - 05.08.2008


I missed tonight’s first act, Paper Planes.

Sorry guys. I did however hear good things if that’s any consolation?

I did however make it there for Leicester’s very own Minnarrs. Now, before I’m beaten to it; Minnaars do sound a bit like Foals, and I think that I won’t be the first or last person to say this. However having seen these guys a few times what has begun to strike me is, maybe they don’t sound like Foals? Perhaps Minnaars and Foals simply used to listen to the same bands and these influences are the result of their sound? Instead of crediting Foals as the sole influence for any new music that incorporates a dance feel atop of guitar; people should look back - maybe listen to Minus the bear, American Football and The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower? Minnaars played a great show. With intricate and delicate guitar work and carefully constructed songs with great melodies and hooks, without question one to watch.

Next up Tubelord, who - as far as I’m concerned can’t put a foot wrong. Currently being championed by every publication I pick up and recently darlings of one of the UK’s best and most consistent record labels - BSM. Tonight’s performance was spot on; the sheer energy of these guys is something of wonder and spectacle. In your face, in your ears and down your throat. Tubelord are one of the countries finest acts, and watching them at this early stage of their career makes me smug as fuck, as I know in no time at all these guys will be massive.

Next up Tellision, who in short - I don’t really like; however there is certainly something very likeable about tonight’s headliner. Currently making a name for themselves, both on the live circuit and with one of last years most anticipated indie releases. Essentially they are a great feel good act, reminiscent at times of Nine Black Alps and even early Amercian emo and the likes of Texas Is The Reason or Far. I do love the dual vocals and the sheer enormity of their sound, and live is certainly where these guys are in their element. Tonight’s set was solid and tight and included all their hits; they captivated the impressive audience - impressive for a Tuesday night in Leicester anyway.

Listen: www.myspace.com/tellison, www.myspace.com/tubelord, www.myspace.com/minnaars