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Comfort Zone (Single)

The Answer

Rock n’ roll will never die.

Not while bands like The Answer and their musical time-machine have anything to do with it. They’ve supported AC/DC and are on the Aussie’s erstwhile label, so you should know what to expect - Rock with a dollop of Rawk. Tickling such a musical long-tooth could have been disastrously dull, of course, but this Northern Irish quartet have, somehow, managed to spark a few heartbeats out of the old beast. Comfort Zone is what I believe some call a ‘Power Ballad’, playing tonsil-hockey with the likes of Bon Jovi and Guns n’ Roses. There’s even a bit of Axl Rose-ing going on towards the end, where it gets really, y’know, emotional. The acoustic version is very Y & T, only without the luvviness - yet. Here To Say continues this motif and you can almost see the video shot on a beach somewhere Californian, or perhaps on a mountain to give it some gravitas. Sarkiness aside, the band have the chops and the locks and obviously plan to Rawk for some time.

Listen: www.myspace.com/theanswerrock