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Contagious Ignorance

The Band Of The Eye

Before I say anything about this album I have to point out that this band could have been called Full Intercourse and their album was to be titled Maximum Fisting.

So I’m expecting great things from The Band of the Eye’s album Contagious Ignorance. This band has a sound that I would describe as early REM and early Therapy? having a grunge fight, another band I would compare them to are the Bloodhound Gang.

What let’s this band down is not their raw talent and it’s not a lack of vision. It’s just a feeling that this album could have been a lot better, not to mention the production quality also leaves a lot to be desired. Saying that some tracks are definitely better than others, take single Why Are You So Awful it has the catchiest chorus I’ve heard in a long time ’sha la, la la, oh oh oh, we all worship satan’. But not all of the songs are catchy and much of the time the lyrics are indistinguishable and unmemorable, making this album poor for singalongability.

Another issue on a couple of the tracks is that the band really need to turn to the drummer and ask them if they think fills, that don’t really fit in well, will help the flow of the songs in any way. Other than this it’s a nice rock album and I think a band that should probably be seen live to be fully appreciated.

Listen: www.myspace.com/bandoftheeye