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The Blackbelts

If I were forced to describe The Blackbelts EP Blackheart in one word or face an almost certain painful death, that one word would be Relentless.

Because this CD does not let up, it’s only five tracks but you really feel like you’ve done an hour in a mosh pit by the end. Sounding alike to early Nirvana mixed with an honorary nod to the Sex Pistols, it’s balls out from the start.

Considering the recording was a low budget affair the quality of the end result it outstanding, as the Moonbase in Coventry have really captured The Blackbelts at their best without losing any of the live flavour. Plus you can hear the words clearly enough despite the loud guitar sound, which at others times could drown the vocals. Plus with this you get the chance to holler along giving Blackheart a singalongabilty factor of 10!

Listen: www.myspace.com/theblackbelts