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The Best In Town

The Blackout

Spearheading themselves straight at the teenage market for angst ridden songs with some soulful ballads thrown in for good measure are, The Blackout with their second offering The Best In Town.

Cut from the same cloth as Lost Prophets, this band purvey the screamy rock vocals I have grown to dislike, but backing it up with some awesome riffs that LP never really hooked me with. My question is, is there a factory somewhere in Wales churning out rock bands of a similar ilk?

Anyway, The Blackout have here a top notch album with guitar riffs you could hear coming from the likes of The Wildhearts and Stone Gods and melodic hooks that really, and I mean REALLY do their job. I must also point out the exquisite packaging the CD came in, digipack style and superb artwork, almost reminiscent of Led Zep’s IV album artwork. The production is second to none and my final word is I like the fact that they don’t take naming songs too seriously.

Listen: www.myspace.com/theblackout