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Cinema vs House

The Broken Family Band

So this is it, the final curtain, the last hurrah and other clichés.

After eight years, The Broken Family Band will come to an end after the release of this single and a short, final tour at the end of October, which unfortunately isn’t scheduled to take in their hometown of Cambridge.

Since 2003’s debut album ‘Cold Water Songs’, BFB, started by Steven Adams and Jay Williams, have built up a devoted following and much critical kudos with their plucky, Anglicised Americana and lyrics that are at once curmudgeonly, funny and sweet observations of modern life. ‘Cinema vs House’ is no exception, taken from BFB’s fifth, highly praised LP ‘Please & Thank You’, about the dilemmas of what to do once our anti-hero’s got the girl (“We could go to the cinema, but that’s two hours without speaking”).

On the other side, a version of Mann & Kobler’s much-covered ‘I Love How You Love Me’ (first sung by ‘60s girl group the Paris Sisters for one of Phil Spector’s earliest singles). Warm, soulful and free of the cynicism that is often a highlight of BFB records; their cover is as a good a swansong to a career as any.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thebrokenfamilyband