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New Mexico (Single)

The Cinematics

Sweeping you up in this emotive offering, Scotland’s four-piece, The Cinematics let loose weeping guitars, solemn vocals and melodies revealing a bleak world of hope.

In New Mexico there’s perhaps a different perspective than before with The Cinematics but the qualities stay the same.

“Are We Starring At The Same Stars” utters singer, Scott Rinning as he cries high and low with persistent vocals among a vast whirring melodic background that hammers home the big picture of the band’s name. Like neighbours GlasVegas, these Glaswegians also capture you by serving up their sound chokingly, bitter-sweet and the latter also hint perhaps unwillingly at The Editors. But, before you have chance to reach for tissues- emotions are over as quickly as they began and it all winds down.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thecinematics