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Dumb Waiter

The Cold Beat

This is a (fairly early, admittedly) contender for my record of the year, I think.

Six of the best songs I’ve heard in ages, and they all just happen to be on the same CD. Imagine if the Gaslight Anthem has listened to the Replacements instead of Bruce Springsteen, and had a singer that sounded a bit like Rod Steward when he was young and awesome. Add a smidgen of more summery Leatherface and some massive great big dollops of catchy songwriting nous then multiply the resulting awesomeness by ten and you’ll be close.

I just can’t help popping this on at every possible opportunity. It’s rapidly becoming the soundtrack to my summer, and you could do a lot worse than make it the soundtrack to yours too.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thecoldbeat