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The Cut Ups

Despite all the hype, not every other punk band in this country wants to be Gallows.

The Cut Ups, for example, want to be Billy Bragg, judging by some of the tracks on their second offering (and their first for scene stalwarts Household Name Records). I’m exaggerating of course, but the vocals are uncannily similar, and some of ‘I Know It’s OK’ could easily turn out to be lost verses from ‘A New England’.

With band members having racked up plenty of time in and around the UK scene, it’s obvious that they would know how to put together a decent punk rock song. So while you may think you’ve heard the component pieces of these songs before, back when it was Snuff or Against Me! riffing away, the experience means that their arrangement and the transitions between them sound anything but stale. The lyrics too, may occasionally seem a bit lazy, with quite a few easy 1-2 couplets, but there are still plenty of far deeper passages, telling the inevitable tales of growing up, missing home, and (if you hadn’t guessed by the song title) Fugazi. And after a few listens, no matter which end of the scale they sit at, they all work their way into your brain without you even realising it.

So remember - you don’t want to be the same as everyone else. That’s why you got into punk. And it’s why you should give this a try as well.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thecutups