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Bang Goes The Knighthood

The Divine Comedy

At first listen, I wasn’t quite sure how to take this latest offering from Mr Hannon.

It didn’t seem to have that same polished veneer of previous albums; it’s more like 2001’s Regeneration, but then not at the same time. Given that it’s released on Divine Comedy Records, maybe some cost saving measures have had to be introduced?

Anyway, it’s a grower and the infectious singalongability of many tracks on the album are a sign that Neil hasn’t lost his song writing knack just yet. Stand out tracks are: The Complete Banker, a song about how the banks royally screwed us recently; At The Indie Disco, the first single, this pop number is a nostalgic jaunt back to the 90’s; Assume The Perpendicular, about the joys of visiting country houses and I Like, a lovely song for those infatuated with their other half.

Other notable tracks are title track Bang Goes The Knighthood and Down in the Street Below, which is like two tracks stuck together, but not in a bad way. Some songs do feel like filler, such as Can You Stand Upon One Leg, which is a parody on songs you might find on albums for young children, I hope.

Overall, whilst this album probably isn’t going to be a classic, it’s still a great listen.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thedivinecomedy