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Firefly (Single)

The Domino State

In its constant, desperate pursuit of money, the music business has recently declared ‘shoegaze’ to be ‘cool’ once again.

Apparently. I don’t really pay much attention, to be honest - much better to give things a listen and then judge. Anyway, I don’t remember the benighted, floppy-haired misery being ‘cool’ the first time round, but no matter - the upshot is that bands like The Domino State now receive their moment in the spotlight - which they will, naturally, look away from. Firefly dum-dum-dums along its own inoffensive way, pulling in a few string sweeps and meaningful swoops but it’s all a bit anodyne, really. It’s a bit Verve, it’s a bit Spiritualized, it’s a bit. . .sigh. . .

Listen: www.myspace.com/thedominostate