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In The Likely Event

The Fall Of Troy

Pushed into the mainstream with their appearance on Guitar Hero (F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.), “In The Likely Event” is the Fall Of Troy album I have been waiting for.

The first time I heard them I described them to a friend as Fall Out Boy playing King Crimson, and their fourth album continues in that vein. Only this time it’s more polished and the brilliance of FOT being a three piece shines through even more.

Seeing them live was a messy affair, maybe it was the venue’s sound, but it’s refreshing to hear them as a well-produced band rather than the underground purists more rough and ready demo tape. Take a bow Terry “Pantera Soundgarden Limp Bizkit (dick)” Date for that one.

Some tracks really push the boundaries with infectious pop melodies, namely “Walk of Fame”, “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Empty the Clip..”, but those are my favourite bits. Not to mention the constant fret-wankery and spasmodic time changes which makes In The Likely Event an album full guilty pleasures masked by post-hardcore noise....nice.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thefalloftroy