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The ‘59 Sound (Single)

The Gaslight Anthem

By now most people will have heard a song, or some of the recent press buzz about The Gaslight Anthem.

If you have heard any of their music, chances are it was this song; it received airtime on Radio 1 and was a mainstay on the MTV2 chart.

It is inevitable that any reviewer who ever listens to a song by The Gaslight Anthem will compare them to Bruce Springsteen. That is just fact. Death, taxes and Bruce Springsteen comparisons - simply unavoidable. So, here we are, this song sounds a lot like a rocked-up Bruce Springsteen song. From the rabble-rousing chorus to the chiming chords that permeate the entire song, it sounds like Springsteen. Anyway, this is a great song, one of the best on a very good album. The ’59 Sound has a catchy chorus and a haunting lyrical tale to tell. It has been hugely popular in America, and judging from the bands tour dates, they are doing everything they can to replicate that success over here, including dates at Reading & Leeds festivals.

However, unlike Bruce, I feel this band has more cross-over potential, with fewer songs that appeal predominantly to the blue-collar workers chasing the American Dream. The Gaslight Anthem are a rock band first and foremost, and if you are looking to get into them, you could do worse than to check this out first.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thegaslightanthem