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The Get Up Kids

I love The Get Up Kids.

I don’t know many people that don’t. They have had the good grace to apologise for Fall Out Boy, they haven’t sold all their songs to vapid shows like The Hills, they put on two the best live shows I’ve ever seen (10 years apart & they were still incredible) and appeal to such a broad range of picky music snobs.

Whilst this EP has a softer more wistful air than some of the poppier, punkier & altogether better known tracks, it has a distinctly electro feeling to some of the keyboard parts. This may be a departure from the Classic TGUK fair, but it’s still pure well written, well crafted pop perfection all the way through.

It sounds like great memories the second it kicks in, which is what I was hoping & expecting. There aren’t many musicians that can have that effect & maintain such a solid standard for so many years but TGUK consistently do & have in this case.

Second track Keith Case is more keyboard led than some of their previous efforts, mixing crunching distorted sounds with clean, but airy guitar parts & a solid upbeat drumbeat. It’s a new sound, definitely, but shot through like a really tasty stick of rock, with the sound & skill that you’d expect.

As is slow building forth track How You’re Bound. Like the rest of the EP there is a subtle echo & a dreamy sense. It retains simplicity whilst using fascinating layers of sound to define the changes of mood.

I’m bowled over by the experimentation in sound & production that does nothing to hamper the song writing. I almost want to say it has hints of Minus The Bear (specifically the remix album Planets Of Ice) but that would be detrimental to the individuality of these songs. Despite sticking their necks out with a wide variety of electronic instrumentation there is a maturity present that, quite frankly, makes me yearn for a full length.

If you are a fan you will be surprised but not disappointed, if you are not yet, just buy it. You officially have no taste in music if you don’t find this the most endearing EP, by an enduring band to be released this year.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thegetupkids