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The Glitterati

Right from the start (pun intended) The Glitterati punch your ears with their brand glam rock punk pop.

Also, prevalent are their apparent influences of The Wildhearts and quite possibly Guns n’ Roses. But this is not just high octane rock n roll, there are some incredibly layered sounds in each song and the production quality is superb.

However, I’m not all praise for this album; the lyrical content on many of the tracks leaves a lot to be desired. A lot appears clich├ęd and overly repetitive, this couldn’t be more exemplified than but the first single to come from this album Fight Fight Fight. This track also contains another of the down sides to their songs, and that is vocalist Paul Gautrey’s blood curdling scream, which is just horrible to listen to. Stand out tracks such as slow number Shanty and Keeping Me Down would have benefited from the omission of the scream.

That said, the lyrics aren’t all bad, many slip into your head in an insidious way that you find yourself humming them for days. This can be especially said about one of the best songs on the album and second single to be released Overnight Superstar. This is a savagely sardonic attack on the music industry and those X-Factor types that seem to litter charts these days.

Listen: www.myspace.com/theglitterati