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The Half Sky Gives Us Hope

Apparently the lush soundscapes on this record will become the soundtrack to the film in my head.

The film in my head would probably look a little like Meet The Feebles & be sound-tracked by a Mike Patton side project. Or if I was less honest, maybe it would be a fantasy superhero romp scored by Prince, which would be pretty neat.

I don’t think it would be this though, unless my life involved endless train journeys through flat countryside, or a lot of time laying on my back in fields looking at clouds, maybe floating on a boat in a lake, a really huge, slightly misty lake. Yes the soundscapes are cinematic & in places the arrangements are accomplished enough to sound truly luscious, but I’m not blown away by any of it.

It almost reminds me of that emotional blackmail type music they put over the back story pieces on TV reality shows, you know the bits where they tell you about someone’s dying Mother or cancer ridden daughter to make sure all the Nana’s at home pick up the phone & spend their money voting. Or maybe part of the soundtrack for one of those cookie-cutter-heart-string-pulling films by that guy who did The Notebook.

It’s just not off kilter enough to be a standalone album, there’s no one track or even moment that jumps out. It just ends up being rather vanilla background music. That’s not what I want from any music, ever.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thehalfopenskygivesushope