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The Hot Melts

The Hot Melts

Seducing you with their Red Lips, The Hot Melts, a four piece from Wirral are committed to their rock and roll manifesto from the aforementioned opener, to similarly plunging second track Edith.

That’s as far as it goes, for while there’s a mass thirteen darkly tinged rock and pop tunes that are almost probably born out of 80s circa big-haired anthems, from third track Big Baby it all plays out like a grand film or musical. The said track boasts harmonies of ‘Ooh, la-la-la’ that fall short of channelling the realms of the Beach Boys (at night), complete with American rock-riffs that are a long way from their north of England, Merseyside roots. In fact there’s little evidence in their sound to point to their origins, but they do point at other places by way of Lynard Skynard and their Sweet Home Alabama.

“I’m not having any fun” sings Will Bayliss in Fun, and despite his gust of fighting spirit backed by melodies and rolling drums that mirror his plight in (I Wish I Had) Never Been In Love he fails to cheer himself up, not by Happiness Is A Weakness, or by the time of this CD’s penultimate song, Depressed? Oh Yes before accepting the inevitable in the ode, God Will Drive My Hearse, is he serious? Still, it’s dripping, ahem melting in rock’s sweet cheese, and entertaining wholesome style, The Hot Melts, the musical.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thehotmelts