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We Are The Humans

The Humans

It would appear we have the President of Estonia to thank for the existence of this band - or perhaps it should be Robert Fripp, who declined the Presidential invitation to tour the country, thus galvanising his hard-working wife, Toyah Willcox.

Whoever deserves the gratitude; let us not bow down too far, too soon - although by no means a poor effort, this debut album is far from exemplary. Plenty of it is self-indulgent, bass-heavy dribble, with la Willcox’ oh-so-serious tones singing of who-knows-what around the sides. Quicksilver is a genuine score, however, with Labyrinth a close contender. Both capture a genuine sense of other-ness without seeming as arch as the other tracks. I sense that without the big names, this would not stand up for long on its musical merits but who knows where the band may go next? At least it isn’t more turgid identi-pop.

Listen: www.myspace.com/wearethehumans