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Novus Ordo Seclorum

The Junk

The Junk are a seven piece ska punk band from Brighton.

Novus Ordo Secorum (translated as New Order of the Ages) is their debut EP to be released from all digital outlets on 14th December.

’Scream Your Dreams’ shows the good and bad of ska music, the fantastic, frenetic first three minutes contrasting with the drawn out, plodding final two minutes which frankly goes nowhere. It’s a shame as the lingering feeling on listening to the song is of an opportunity missed. The breakneck drumming, a prominent feature of the band, and the energetic horn section combine to create a perfect skank-mosh-pogo-fest, something that continues over the two other songs on the album. With all seven members listed as vocalists it’s unclear who is singing at any one time, however the gang vocals on ’Far From Here’ and the anarchic shouted style that peppers their music sound add a certain necessary bite.

The three songs on this EP don’t break new ground but it’s the sound of a good time which is all you can ask for from a ska band. If you like your ska fast and rowdy, in the style of Capdown and Streetlight Manifesto, you’ll surely love the Junk.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thejunkpunk