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Christmas EP

The Keys

Well, look what I’ve found at the bottom of my stocking, several days too late.

The wrapping’s come off it in places and it rattles a bit - it’s an EP from Welsh psychedelicists The Keys. Things begin nicely with a Christmas song which doesn’t make one reach for the cooking sherry to induce vomiting and continues in a most pleasant Beach Boys / Super Furries / Byrds manner from thereon. Somewhere sounds like a decent Monkees B-side, There’s A Place: a poor man’s Buffalo Springfield. Crinkly harp instrumental The Reveal interludes like a bag of high-quality nuts during an ad break in a James Bond film and everything ends in the Strange Garden of bouncy 13th Floor Elevators energy. Yule love it (oh dear, now I have actually been sick).

Listen: www.myspace.com/thekeysmusic