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The Lancashire Hotpots’ Christmas Cracker / Hotpots Karaoke Party!

The Lancashire Hotpots

Here’s a test for your imagination; the Grumbleweeds spliced with Half Man Half Biscuit, the Macc Lads and the musical duo from Phoenix Nights, employing DJs Chris Evans and Andy Kershaw as vocalists.

There. Head exploded trying to do all that? No? Good. You are the target audience for the Lancashire Hotpots. Hopefully that covers most of you out there, because otherwise you’d be missing a treat. The Hotpots bring a gale of satirical sanity to contemporary British life. If you find yourself feeling that only the likes of (spits over left shoulder) Jeremy Clarkson, the (spits over right shoulder) Daily (Hate) Mail or (spits over both shoulders, elbows, knees and toes) Nick Griffin are articulating ‘common sense’, then PLEASE FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR OWN BRAIN LISTEN TO THIS BAND. Either that or shoot yourself. I think listening to the Hotpots would be the less dead option.

The ‘Karaoke Party’ tracks are from their first two albums, if you fancy a brown ale-fuelled sing-along at some point over the next few weeks. Tracks one to eight of the ‘Christmas Cracker’ are straight from the Phoenix Club, cheesy keys and all. Christmas in Lancashire, The Trafford Centre and Carry You Home are top-drawer English music, timeless and timely. The final song also manages to be moving without being cringeworthy - quite a feat, considering the ‘Carry On Kaye’ nature of much of the prior tracks. It’s also passed a key Christmas album test - played for a group of primary school children, it had them all dancing immediately and asking “what does ‘bollocks’ mean?”

Listen: www.myspace.com/thelancashirehotpots