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January Blues (Single)

The Lights

The good news that arrives with the blues, or January Blues rather is that this single by Birmingham based quintet The Lights has an inventive formula within, which means the chirpy hooks will stay with you long after the song has stopped.

Unfortunately, this is good news only to those who will enjoy this song. Pop-rock at best, the chorus, namely the title sung in syllables Jan-u-ary Blues demonstrating a singing scale that goes up to provide the part of the melody that really sticks with you like very super, superglue. Uplifting though it is, no defining parts in this song resemble the post-December sadness The Lights are singing about, it is only suggested by the lingering effects that haunt you after the song has finished playing, when The Lights could ideally be going out…into the world with a there B-side, Start Again offering a marginally better listen instead.

Listen: www.myspace.com/lightsmusic