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O2 Academy, Birmingham - 10.05.2009

The Maccabees

The Atmosphere was electric, the crowd was rowdy and enthusiastic and the house was packed.

Essentially all the ingredients for a great show was set up and it almost completely delivered...almost.

Off the back of the successful ’Colour It In’ The Maccabees returned back to the public eye with their new album ’Wall of Arms’ and in turn, the tour to promote it which we were a few dates into, the album had barely been out a week so this was the perfect test to see if the album, put simply, worked.

Storming onto the stage they opened with ’No Kind Words’ with its dark tones but intense drilling beat, the light show perfectly complimented the track and the audience literally threw themselves into the beat.

The Maccabees proceeded to blast (and I mean blast) through their hour set with vicious speed, they like to play very fast that’s for sure and new drummer Sam Doyle certainly proved his value to The Maccabees. A brief break was made for ’Toothpaste Kisses’, the romantic subtle tones which contrast the rest of the set so badly it could almost be another band however, I get the feeling it’s perfectly placed to give the audience a breather and take in some lyrics, and certainly the love struck couple in front of me seemed to appreciate it.

At one point during ’Precious Time’ there was actual audience participation (something they lacked for the first half of the set) and singer Orlando Weeks seemed genuinely happy and humble to have the lyrics sang back at him, interviewing the guy beforehand he showed me how grateful he is for all the support and the love they receive and this made it extremely obvious.

So far so good right? Well unfortunately there was one blip in the entire set which was a song predictably labelled ’Accordion Song’. Orlando moved from main vocal to play the accordion and although it was a change of pace it was ruined by Felix Whites accent driven vocal and the fact that I really couldn’t hear the accordion! Perhaps a temporary glitch at this particular gig but it was completely lost in the sound.

After the short trip off stage for the cliché encore (nothing against the Maccabees, it’s something that irritates me at all gigs) The Maccabees ended their set on ’Love You Better’, an insanely well written strong pop song which was the perfect way to seal off the gig and everyone left with happy face, and surely that’s all that matters.

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