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Just Don’t Feel The Same (Single)

The Mission District

You may have seen Montreal based 5 piece The Mission District on their recent UK tour, their infectious blend of dance, pop and rock trekked across the country in November.

A debut album ’Youth Games’ is due, and ’Just Don’t Feel The Same’ is taken from it.

The intro suggests that this song is perfect for the live environment, a simple beat ideal for fists pumping the air. The chorus is repetitive but not to the point of tedium, again it’s simple but effective, remarkably easy to sing along to. The airy bridge seems to unnaturally extend the song, though it gives the song a brief period of respite that all the most popular dance songs seem to have. Despite the easily accessible tune it just doesn’t stick in the head as you’d like and this is the songs Achilles heel. Quite why the vocals need slight distortion is beyond me, it suggests a certain futurism, but you can’t shake the feeling that Cher has wrecked this effect for everyone.

This is a reasonable attempt at the booming dance rock genre; however, it is hard to see The Mission District conquering the charts.

Listen: www.myspace.com/themissiondistrict