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So Over You (Single)

The Mission District

Initially my stereo refused to play this single at all, at which point I was poised to give it a default score of 0/10 (and the stereo a solid 8/10), but eventually I relented and gave Montreal five piece The Mission District a provisional place on my iPod.

I was already suspicious from learning they’d toured with Elliott Minor but I attempted to listen with unbiased ears regardless. After all, when a press release describes a song as “brain-conquering” then you’re in for a good time right? Apparently not, for if Jordan Pundik from New Found Glory and Trey Cyrus of Metro Station collaborated to reveal their true contempt for music it would probably sound a lot like this. The first twenty seconds bear a startling resemblance to a midi version of The Bloodhound Gang’s 1999 hit The Bad Touch and somewhat terrifyingly this is the high point of the song. From there it’s simply the usual neutered guitars glazed over cheesy synths, standard whiny vocals and the odd woah for good measure. Girls under 15 will probably add it to their myspace pages; everyone else will ignore them until the album bombs and they get dropped.

The b-side is an instrumental version, the inclusion of which can be viewed from multiple perspectives. Either it’s there so fans of the band can learn the words, get some friends round, turn it up and take it in turns to play Mission Districtaoke! or it’s simply an incredibly cheap way of filling the second track without paying out for studio time to record a proper song. I’m inclined to veer towards the latter, simply as I can’t believe any Mission District fan would have friends.

Turns out my stereo had the right idea from the start.

Listen: www.myspace.com/themissiondistrict