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Man Full Of Trouble

The National Rifle

There is a very fine line between left-field punk and indie.

A line that is so faint that it’s near impossible to see with the naked eye. The National Rifle seems to be able to see it for some daft reason, and have set up camp right on it. Never fully committing to either party but just content to sit in the middle throwing there rubbish in each garden. “Man Full Of Trouble” is a pretty sweet piece of rubbish to find in your garden mind you.

Imagine if you will a world where mainstream indie is made by bands that have a musical understanding of history and a love for genuine left-of-the-norm music. Then imagine these bands are allowed to release these creations on the world. Well this is the world of The National Rifle. Not quite indie, not quite punk, not quite post-rock. Somewhere that exists in between all these styles and a fair few more as well.

Opener “It’s Just Whiskey Mama” comes across like The Cooper Temple Clause, Rival Schools and Mcklusky having a rough and tumble down the park while “Love Crack” adds saxophone and a slightly more raucous groove to proceedings. But then they throw in swing and jazz afflicted influences alongside matching female vocals and mix with something approaching more mainstream tastes, which only goes to show their skill in the chosen field.

The National Rifle deserves everything that is coming to them. But more than likely this won’t happen, but in their heads they are huge right now.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thenationalrifle