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Winds of Osiris

The Plight

Ah the classic tactic...

Start your album with a nice quiet bit so the listener turns it up, then crank it right up to eleven. Nothing like lulling your audience into a false sense of security. From there on in it just gets better... Black Flag style furious hardcore mixed with Deep Purple metal riffs and just a hint of bluesy Led Zeppelin, only way better than that sounds.

Then when you think you’ve got it sussed, along comes an instrumental prog track to calm it down a little bit. It should sound completely out of place, but somehow it doesn’t, somehow it fits perfectly. Whilst The Plight are more than happy rocking like The Sex Maniacs they’re much more versatile too, and can comfortably pull off the instrumentals and slow songs too.

Basically, it’s fucking brilliant. One of the all out rockingest bands in the UK at the moment by some way, and one that deserves to be heard.

Listen: www.myspace.com/theplight