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First Class, And Forever

The Poison Arrows

They have some pedigree behind them already.

Members have played in Don Cab and Atombombpocketknife, they have shared tours with Boris, Battles, Holy Fuck and Dianogah and this very album was recorded at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios. Pretty sweet. Then you listen to it and realise that the music is even sweeter! Forward thinking, progressive indie rock.

There are ghosts of Don Cab and Atom in here. But these sit alongside a far more cohesive and slightly reigned in musical outlook. Employing far more light and shade, a healthy dose of effects and strong vocal lines has got me thinking about The Cooper Temple Clause jamming with Battles. Which depending on how you view those groups is either amazing or daft. If it’s the latter then you are obviously retarded and this album needs to be heard.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thepoisonarrows