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The Raudive

I quite like raw, under-produced records.

There’s something rather nice about the more natural sound they convey, far from the overly polished nonsense we’re subjected to through the mainstream media but also increasingly through more underground channels too. I’ve probably mentioned that before, but this record has kind of reminded me of it.

Listening to The Raudive’s debut CD is actually a lot like I imagine sitting in at one of their practices would sound, and I mean that in a good way. Obviously it’s not as loud (the neighbours would complain) and is much more balanced sounding, but that’s the kind of vibe I get straight off from listening to the very first track.

Luckily The Raudive is a band whose practice I think I’d rather like to sit in on, although I suspect I might require my earplugs. They’re one of those bands who, despite having a number of clear influences, still manage to emit a sound all of their very own from the speakers. Imagine Dinosaur Jr and Sonic Youth covering ISIS and Explosions in the Sky songs at the same time whilst Mission of Burma mix it down into a coherent sound leaving - perhaps surprisingly - plenty of room for the music and the listener to breathe. If you like what you’re imagining then go check out The Raudive.

As an aside, I’d be very interested to hear how The Raudive progress from here - whilst I love the lo-fi sound of this record, I reckon they could work wonders with a cleverer, more expensive studio set up and a few tech toys. Just a thought...

Listen: www.myspace.com/theraudive