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Work Tour - Wolverhampton Civic Hall - Saturday 20th June 2009

The Saturdays

Row upon row of colour co-ordinated Saturdays fans took their seats at Wolverhampton’s Civic Hall and were forced to stay in them, due to an over the top health and safety policy; like a real life Footloose - dancing was banned!

Where was our Kevin Bacon shaped saviour?!!!

Clearly not in the form of support act Jessie Malakouti and her goons; with a grating voice and songs indistinguishable from one another, the only thing keeping you watching was the challenge of fathoming the logic behind her costume choice: a white Madonna-esque bodice circa 1984, red sequin shorts and flat, knee high riding boots - I’m still confused.

The Saturdays outfits were evidently given more consideration and when they took the stage, it’s guaranteed the only thing running through the collective audiences’ mind was “Damn, they look HOTTT!”, followed by approximately 99% thinking “I hate myself”. Thankfully we were quickly distracted from our self-loathing by debut single ‘If This Is Love’, which still hits all the right spots, as do album tracks like ‘Keep Her’ and ‘Set Me Off’, performed with sass and surprisingly solid vocals.

The girls mixed things up with a Motown version of album track ‘Why Me, Why Now’, a medley of hits from Rhianna, Katy Perry and P!nk, a video of funny backstage snippets (including a ‘Team Sats’ rendition of Kanye West’s rap from Estelle’s ‘American Boy’) and sneak peeks of tracks from The Saturdays second album; ‘Wordshaker’ and ‘One Shot’ which sounded immense and had the crowd bopping in their seats.

Current single ‘Work’ closed the show and left us all wanting more - cue eardrum exploding screams, the rumble of stomping feet, whistles, woops and a thunder of handclaps until The Saturdays reappeared, bedazzling in skimpy sequinned outfits to perform girly favourite ‘Issues’ and the electro-pop stomper ‘Up’! Rochelle shone like a Bacon beacon, as her feminine charms persuaded the venue security to cut loose and allow the audience to rise from the confines of their seats to shake it very briefly before The Sats shimmied off stage.

(Pixie Lott was also scheduled to appear, but due to unforeseen circumstances the chart-topper couldn’t grace Wolverhampton with her presence).

Listen: www.myspace.com/thesaturdays