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A Soldier’s Christmas Letter (Single)

The Soldiers

The Christmas single from The Soldiers (Sergeant Major Gary Chilton, Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi and Sergeant Richie Maddocks), raising money for soldiers’ support charity the Army Benevolent Fund, doesn’t hold back.

It sounds little different to a particularly sentimental and cheesy Westlife song, but there aren’t many Christmas records with lines such as, “This time of year it hurts the most, daddy’s not home.”

While musically ‘A Soldier’s Christmas Letter’ might be dull, at least sales are going to better cause than Simon Cowell’s or Rage Against The Machine’s bank accounts (Cowell’s Syco company and Epic, the label Rage are signed to, are both owned by Sony Music, which is a slight flaw in the ‘Killing In The Name’ Christmas No. 1 campaign) A real anti-Cowell gesture would be to buy The Soldiers’ single or Fucked Up’s underground all-stars version of ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas?’ (featuring Andrew WK, Tegan & Sara, Wu Tang’s GZA, Yo La Tengo and ‘Arrested Development’s’ David Cross and others), with all proceeds going to three charities supporting women in Canada.

Listen: www.the-soldiers.co.uk