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The Stone Roses (20th Anniversary Remaster)

The Stone Roses

In lieu of yet another multi-million pound reunion, the Stone Roses’ iconic debut album is re-released in what has been rather understatedly called the ‘Collector’s Edition’.

I’m sure there’s more than one ‘Roses collector out there but anyway - this is the ur-Stone Roses, which probably requires its own artic for delivery, should you wish to shell out for it. And you should, if you can. It is its generation’s Sgt. Pepper, after all. You’ll have the album, videos, a DVD, a book, artwork, a USB lemon. . . good grief, what more do you want? A time machine?

Do artists make albums like this any more; which demand to be listened from beginning to end, every time? Do people want that kind of thing any more? If not, then we’re missing out on wonders. Even Scarborough Fair rip-off Elizabeth My Dear is absolutely right. Waterfall is a candidate for a new UK national anthem (along with Ace of Spades, obviously) and to close with I Am The Resurrection, well. . .if you’ve got this, play it. Now. If you’ve not got this, get it. Now.

Noel Gallagher may be rock’s Jeremy Clarkson but he got one thing right - this album is perfect.

Listen: www.thestoneroses20.com