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The Vanguards

Now this is a tricky one.

At first, The Vanguards sound like any other piss-weak indie band, which made me start thinking about when people learn the guitar. Why would you ever stop at jingly-jangly-delay-soaked toss instead of taking the path laid down by Hendrix, Van Halen, Fripp, Rhoads and countless other guitar heroes who pushed the envelope and did something interesting. And then the solo comes in.... one of those “WOAH” moments. Where the hell did that come from and why wasn’t it there from the beginning.

Dear Vanguards,

I know there is something in your inner-core that resembles a band that wants to turn up the Superfuzz Bigmuff to 11 and just do a 60-minute space jam. But no. You want to sound like “whats on duh radioh”. Good luck.

So 3 for the solo and 1 for being wimps.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thevanguardsuk