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The Who

Apparently, the remaining pair of the ‘orrible ‘Oo performed during half time at this year’s Superbowl.

Hence, then, the release of yet another Greatest Hits package. Obviously. Keep up at the back there - times are hard, even for multi-millionaire rock stars. Cutting-edge topiary around the boundary of your award-winning trout farm doesn’t pay for itself, you know. Anyway, pointless financial sniping aside, is this worth shelling out for? Especially as there’s a live, iTunes-exclusive double set to snag, as well.

There’s no arguing with the studio classics on disc one, clearly. They’re some of the most powerful songs ever committed to tape, all present and correct. Another plus point is the omission of Boris the Spider - a track which often scuttles its way onto these collections. We know the Ox was a great bass player - we don’t need another reminder of his vocal piss-takes. The live stuff? Wonderful recording quality - no crackly bootleg rubbish, here. Superb playing. Vocally, they’re all over the place. Nothing strikes as a definitive, essential addition to the canon. Collecting fans will snap them up but I don’t think there’s much on offer for the less-devoted. A great band, still in another universe in comparison with 99% of the hooting idiots polluting stages and studios today, but I sense the tape cupboard is getting a bit bare.

Listen: www.thewho.com