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Dingwalls - 13th November 2007

The Young Knives

With their acidic one liners in tow, teacher-chic indie trio The Young Knives, treat the crowd in London’s Dingwalls, to a night of comedy and music.

It’s not only the peculiar anecdotes within the Leicestershire boy’s lyrics that induce the laughter, but also the name-calling and mock bickering between singer, Henry Dartnall and his brother the House Of Lords (aka Thomas Dartnall). Henry’s swipes don’t just stop with his brother, as he joins the ever-increasing anti-Borrell society and brands Johnny a ‘twat’ before playing the familiarly named new Knives’ track, Up All Night.

Tonight’s set revolves around tracks from their forthcoming album, Super Abundance, (Released March 2008) and it’s hard not to smile when recent single Terra Firma produces the first of many slogan chants from the zesty crowd; this one being “fake rabbit, real snake”.

Due to the band’s three piece status their sound has a more minimal and dimensional aspect live, but this is counteracted by the sheer effort the boys put into entertaining, both in music and comical banter. The clue to their appeal is their combination of catchy melodies and wacky intrigue. Who else could juxtapose the surreal and melancholic The Decision, with last year’s popular holiday anthem ‘Weekends and Bleak Days’/ Hot Summer, and do it successfully?

Acknowledging the farce of encores, the band announce their exit and planned re-entry before they physically return to the stage and take the crowd through bizarre dating scenarios in She’s Attracted To. At this point, band and crowd unite in empathy, as ‘You were screaming at your mum, as I was punching your dad’ echoes around the venue like a catchphrase from an eerie sitcom, and like all good phrases, it lingers in the air long after the moment and everyone has moved on.

Listen: www.myspace.com/theyoungknives