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Say Something

This Beautiful Thief

In the end it all comes down to Joy Division and there’s nothing wrong with that.

This Beautiful Thief’s newest EP, Say Something, is a big sounding rock album with nods to Interpol, Editors and Snow Patrol; all of whom nod to Joy Division in their own way. It’s a big happy circle.

The five-song EP is TBT’s response to their debut album, Earth Terminal Sessions, following in the footsteps of Radiohead and NIN by releasing it on their own. Their sound is as moving and powerful as any that I’ve heard on the radio dials lately and it’s likely they could be the next The Killers, but I applaud their decision to keep it DIY.

Say Something shows a dynamic range of styles and abilities without getting scattered. The title track busts big hooks like a sea sturgeon with singer, Oliver Armstrong belting out, “I’m not there where you are / I’m scared I’ll forget what your voice tastes like,” with a lighter-flicking urgency. From there the tempo shifts to a dandier beat, showing post-rock roots with “Threads” before wrapping up with the Gary Lightbody-ish “Lose Myself,” another larger-than-life, arena-worthy, pop song.

Overall, This Beautiful Thief are moving in the right direction if they want to achieve critical and public admiration, but I wonder if they won’t be leaving the indie/DIY sect behind with all the U2 fanfare. Either way, expect big things to happen for this band in the coming months.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thisbeautifulthief