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Black and Blue (Single)

This City

I seem to remember This City from T4 mobile act unsigned, however if I remember correctly they had the good sense to pull out before it all became farcical.

That said I do believe that they perhaps may have fared quite well, you see This City are (at least on the basis of this single) fairly accessible. They share hallmarks with many of the usual culprits, At The Drive-In, Blood Brothers and The Fall of Troy - no doubt due to Matt Bayes’ expert production. It’s typically busy with plenty of gang vocals and layers of overdubs which all contribute to a very crisp finish. It’s by no means a bad record, by no means at all, however despite the repetition of various hooks both vocally and musically it doesn’t quite penetrate to remain as infectious as you might hope.

The single ’Black and Blue’ is taken from their debut album ’We Were Like Sharks’ which was released last year. Sadly this record passed me by, which is surprising as these guys actually bought my old band’s van when we split up.

They’re playing tonnes in the future and I am sure that these guys are probably exceptional live. Probably handsome too.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thiscitymusic