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Fresh off the back of the epic Alchemy Index releases, California’s Thrice can seem to do no wrong.

Their own brand of progressive post hardcore has allowed them to break out of the emo stereotype that has seemed to be attached to them for so long.

After such a weighty predecessor as The Alchemy Index, it is easy to have high expectations for Beggars. Thrice certainly don’t disappoint here. Dustin Kensrue’s vocals as ever carry a great degree of intensity that pierces the soul especially in Circles. Combine this with the echoing yet crushing guitar of Teppei Teranishi and other experimental sounds that have remained current through the quartet’s career especially, the constant metamorphosis has rendered significant maturity in Thrice’s sound.

What Thrice lack in aggression from previous releases, they have made up for in intensity. Each track intertwines and blends into each other without becoming a blur and creating a modern progressive masterpiece.

An album that is a collage of Radiohead meets At The Drive-In with a post-rock ambience thrown in for good measure, Beggars captures, mystifies and creates the soundtrack of many a forgotten dream. One could easily happily get lost in this record.

Listen: www.myspace.com/thrice