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The PR sheet speaks the truth here.

I remember seeing Throats years ago at an all-dayer in Reading. They were just kids making a racket. A shambolic mess. But those kids have, on the strength of this self titled debut album, gained a love for tone, amassed a pretty sweet record collection and actually progressed over the course of the previous recordings. Ratcheted up the blasting and fast and thrown in a whole load of aggro as well. They are also responsible for the best use of a Converge influence. Rather than aping them, Throats manage to mix grind, hardcore, crust, d-beat and doom into one cohesive sound, much like Converge do.

From the crashing chords of “Wake” and then the blasting chaos of “My Hands Are Cold” the album never lets up. It’s over inside of 20 minutes and you need to press play again.

Defiantly one of my favourite albums so far this year. And it’s only the beginning.

Listen: www.myspace.com/throatsofgold