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They Don’t Change Under Moonlight

Tiger Please

Cardiff five-piece Tiger Please are the latest among a crop of fine young Welsh rock bands with the potential to make quite a fuss in the next few years - alongside Kids In Glass Houses, The Blackout, Twin Attack and Attack!

Attack! (whose singer Neil Star appears on rousing, should-be hit ‘Without Country’).

It’s early days for Tiger Please, but they already have a sound well suited for bigger venues than the Jailhouse in Hereford, taking notes from Pearl Jam, ‘Only By The Night’, early Snow Patrol and mid-80s U2 about pulling off rock extravagant moves. Even this ‘mini-album’ thinks big. Half the tracks are interludes (although some of them, such as ‘Set Sail’ are as emotionally charged as any full song) but ‘They Don’t Change Under Moonlight’ is almost 30 minutes, and well worth it for most them.

‘Strawberry Moon’ is built upon a pulsing, Edge-style riff but singer Leon’s gruff ‘n’ ready voice and the collective male harmonies of the rest of the band give it more muscle. Melodies and feeling dominate ‘They Don’t Change...’ more than the lyrics, as on the most successful Coldplay and Snow Patrol records, and the upbeat, grown-up punk-pop of ‘The Armada’ and the crashing finale ‘Lights And Sound’ stick in the memory almost as much as the tunes of messrs Lightbody and Martin.

If Tiger Please can push their sound beyond those of their influences, as on the loose alt. rock of ‘This Side Of Town’, the Next Big Things will be citing them as inspiration.

Listen: www.myspace.com/tigerplease