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From The Dawn Chorus

Tim Holehouse

For most people, they will never have heard of journeyman Tim Holehouse before.

They will have never have heard his previous musical efforts, topless, flailing about, screaming his lungs out in Among The Missing, Naked Shit and Soon The Darkness, they will never have known about his shift into more gentle, reflective but not necessarily happier territory with his continuing solo journey. “From The Dawn Chorus” is his second album proper, after many EP’s and little releases over the years between intensive bouts of touring.

One thing that has always characterised Tim’s music is the dark atmosphere he brings with a very laconic, drawling delivery. Coupled with his droning, minimalist guitar playing this has always seemed to shackle him to a very niche audience, which on his previous efforts was good, but “From The Dawn Chorus” is so much better because of the new elements and musical backing he has filled it with.

The title track opens proceedings with strings and bird noises before the layered vocals begin their repeated refrain showing Tim’s vision has increased no end. From here the album goes on to prove Tim’s skills and vast improvement in his song writing. “Good Morning Mr Vampire” and “Harvest” drop back into the slow/moody style we know Tim for and this is enhanced with the obvious love of Micheal Gira (he of Swans fame) influence in “Everyday, You”.

The album continues to show the different aspects of Tim and a lifetime spent in transit and the many floors and sofa’s he more than likely has spent time on. It’s a work of honesty and that is the most important thing.

Listen: www.myspace.com/timholehouse