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For You The World Waits

Tiny Spark

Hate is not a healthy place to be.

Yet, like Dante clambering through the Inferno, it is sometimes necessary to visit such states in order to recognise its place in the scheme of things. Darkness and light. Yin and Yang. Once again the Tao dictates that I must experience the Sunyata, the void, or ‘Tiny Spark’ as it is known on this plane. Listening to the hideous Doves / Take That mashup, I feel like someone is filling my head with burning Ikea cushions. The Next Thing You Know could be something Robbie Williams found down the crack of his arse after not washing for a month whilst chasing flying saucers.

September’s attempted riff-out makes McFly seem like this season’s Rolling Stones, as its bulging eyes seek out the malleable brains of the young to pulp. Pulp, until they hand over all their pocket money in exchange for febrile squeaks committed to a container-load of those toy ‘Happy Meal’ music players that are simultaneously tinny and plastic. The last three tracks are the previous EP, grafted on in true Frankenstein fashion from beyond the grave of time.

The bees are dying.

Listen: www.myspace.com/tinysparkmusic