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Stay Home


Boston quintet Transit deliver a six-song lesson in brutal, sharp and aggressive punk rock music, the likes of which is in far too short supply in modern music.

Transit’s best, and most noticeable attribute, is their passion, it spills out of every note and every word spat out by the three vocalists. The contrasting vocal styles play off each other to create a wall of sound that is supported fantastically by the superb musicianship that underlies the EP.

The ferocity of the record is evident from the very first track, Stay Home, a two and a half minute brute of a track that showcases the multi-layered approach of the band. It explodes out of the speakers and it would be too easy to dismiss it simply as a fast and shallow track. On repeated listens the elegance of the triple-vocal approach and the devastating honesty of the songwriting demonstrate Transit to be more than just another punk rock band. This is true of the whole EP, its complicated guitar work, and flawless rhythm section belies not only their years, but also the genre they fit into.

Over the space of the 6 songs on this EP Transit demonstrates huge ability, though rarely do they hit the heights of Stay Home again. Album closer, Outbound shows a slight change of direction with an acoustic to electric transition that is devastatingly effective. But all the tracks on this EP have their own merits, and there is not a track on this album that should be skipped.

It’s hard not to like this EP, it is simply brilliant, and is everything punk-rock should be: memorable, intelligent and loud. Highly, highly recommended.

Listen: www.myspace.com/transitma