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Trespassers William

Disjointed, Harmonic, Haunting, Driving.

These are just a few of the words that popped into my mind, like the proverbial snare drum, when Trespassers William appeared on the airwaves and with the instantly recognisable voice of Anna-Lynne Williams, the sound takes on the shape of an old friend whom you never met.

Musically Trespassers William fill a similar space as Bon Iver or perhaps a Kate Bush fronted Belle & Sebastian or maybe even a Bright Eyes/The Dawn Chorus mega group who have persuaded Poe to whisper sweet nothings for them. Hold on a Jiffy (What even is a Jiffy? I like to entertain the idea that it is a small yellow boat, as in “I’ll be there in a Jiffy”, rather than a bubble wrap lined envelope) you might hear me say and that is because none of these comparisons cut the Norfolk based yellow stuff. Explosions in the Sky certainly feel like they feature here and so do Sonic Youth. But yet again my feeble pigeon holing is sub par and, to be perfectly honest, worthless when faced with the beautifully brooding, subtle nuances that this band have to offer.

NME described them as “the soundtrack to Twin Peaks: The Comedown Years” and I have to say that is pretty damn close, except this feels more like a naturally released DMT high experienced by Laura Palmer over and round and again and again. Subliminally sublime and pragmatically perfect, you would have to possess an ashtray for a heart not to feel this coursing through your soul.

Listen: www.myspace.com/trespasserswilliam