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Trippy Wicked & the Cosmic Children of the Knight

Now, according to the note that arrived with the PR sheet, Trippy Wicked got picked on a bit for sounding to much like Sabbath on their last release by this very site.

Well, in the defence of this album, it has a whole lot more to it than just aping Sabbath (and it’s all relevant isn’t it? Everything is descended from the Brum masters).

Trippy Wicked straddle a fuzzed out area of the stoner/doom kingdom that isn’t afraid to branch out slightly. They incorporate elements of blues and southern rock into the mix. “Southern” and “Sea Shanty” are good indications of this. While the heavier elements remind of Electric Wizard’s more cohesive parts or the less aggro elements of Iron Monkey. Don’t let that last name fool you, they are a far more melodic proposition than that, mostly in part down to the vocals which stop it straying outside the confines of their sound.

It’s a cohesive enough album with variation. Sadly that variation doesn’t stop it dragging along at times. You get the feeling it could do with being heavier in places and mellower in others. Still, it makes a good driving album.

Listen: www.myspace.com/trippywicked