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We Will Begin To Flicker

Twin Falls

The alt-country sound is usually reserved for the Americans so it is refreshing to see some home-grown talent branching into this genre.

British singer-songwriter collective Twin Falls have managed to capture a slice of acoustic splendour into six tracks. Recorded in an outhouse in the middle of snowstorm, production-wise it retains glacial tones akin to Bon Iver.

The obvious American influences such as Ryan Adams, Sparklehorse and Death Cab For Cutie are apparent especially in the opening track Janie I Will Only Let You Down, but yet the songs still retain a sense of British indie sensibility. Every song has such musical textures with the assortment of instruments applied to the songs just right without over killing the almost-serene ambience of the record.

We Will Begin To Flicker is a charming EP that showcases true British acoustic talent. Fingers crossed for an album.

Listen: www.mypsace.com/twinfallspop