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Dance To The Radio : Still Occupied Though You Forget


Your credibility papers, please?

I trust they are in order for this release from Leeds’ Indie warehouse Dance To The Radio? It is a celebration of being in ‘the business’ for five years, after all. Something to be celebrated, I’m sure you agree. It was released on Record Store Day, with £2 from every sale going to UNICEF but - ha ha - I’m sure, my friend, you already know that. You will also know, of course, that the artists and bands contained upon the plastic span the lifetime thus far of DTTR and I’ll thank you for not laughing derisively at some of their names or track titles, thank you very much.

Music needs labels like DTTR and if, perhaps, you find some of their roster not to your taste then you can at least appreciate the label’s journey on your behalf. Personally, I found Bear In Heaven pleasant in a ‘doomy Sundays’ kind-of way. Club Smith get all chirpy with the Yeasayer songbook and Rose Elinor Dougall blows Lily Allen out of the windows of her big bedroom. There are flashes of interest throughout the collection, although nothing seems to attempt a brain-tattoo. Perhaps I need to check my own papers. . .

Listen: www.dancetotheradio.com