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Dance To The Radio Vol.3


Let us take this four-way split EP one split at a time.

Chickenhawk make an explosive opener, showing once again how they’re one of the few bands around with genuine power and drive. Esben and the Witch tag along in the wake of Florence, her Machine and all the other floaty, winsome girlies who’ve floated winsomely around of late. Skeleton Swoon is also reminiscent of the great Portishead after being utterly drowned in a vat of reverb. Olfar’s fairly clonky indie is inoffensive at best but then he did only submit a ‘demo’. Finally, Airship’s fairly clonky indie is inoffensive at best and they sent in a ‘proper’ track.

Overall, a generally excellent selection which makes me, for one, want to seek out the others in this series. If you get them before me, give us a copy, would you? Ta.

Listen: www.dancetotheradio.com