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Dance to the Radio Vol. 4


The fourth and final EP in this eclectic and inspiring series is a bit of a limp squid.

At first, anyway. Nothing really beats you about the head, shouting ‘LISTEN TO THIS, YOU IDLE BASTARD’, which is a pity. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places in the wrong way, as usual, as there is plenty going on; scuzz-psychedelic harmonies (Drink Up Buttercup, like British Sea Power but American), eccentric stilt-funk (Milk White White Teeth), 1980s Casioplonk a la Roxy Music or the Human League (Super Extra Bonus Party) and someone who wants to be Nick Drake but is closer to Paul Simon (Paul Thomas Saunders). Strange but not disastrous, potentially great. We shall see.

Listen: www.dancetotheradio.com